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Digital Mailbox Rental | Phoenix, AZ

Digital Mailbox Rental in Phoenix, AZ.

The mailbox that makes your life simple!

Ship Rite is excited to offer digital mailbox rentals!  They are an exciting option for the digital age!

What is a Digital Mailbox you may ask?   A digital mailbox works just like the "old fashioned" mailboxes, but with way more benefits!  We receive all your mail and packages for you at our secure store.  As soon as your mail arrives, we take a picture of it and the easy to use app on your phone or tablet does the rest!  You tell us whether you want us to hold the mail, open it and scan it to you, shred it, or forward it to you wherever you are in the world!  Never worry about not being home, or having to rely on the post office to hold your mail, we do it all for you and you manage it when it is convenient for you.  


Available Digital Mailbox Services:

  • We scan every piece of mail that arrives for you and it shows up in the easy to use app on your smart phone or tablet.
  •  You can ask us to open and scan the contents so you can read it.  We offer unlimited mail received, scanned, shredded etc.
  • We can forward your mail and packages to wherever you are in the world.  We also don't charge an admin fee for that, only the price of shipping!
  • You can ask us to shred the mail you don’t need or want any longer.  
  • We can deposit checks you receive in the mail to your bank.  We offer two options at two affordable prices for this service.

All of this can be done via you smart phone or tablet—any device with an Internet connection. Whether you live in Rome, Italy or Rome, Texas, you can now have a digital mailbox at Ship Rite in Pheonix, AZ. We will make managing your mail and packages as simple as sending a text or posting on Facebook.


Have A Question About Digital Mailbox Rentals?

For additional information on Digital Mailbox Rentals in Phoenix, AZ, call 602-923-3432. Click on this link for our website about our digital mailboxes or send us a message through our contact page.