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Most common packing mistakes

First-time moving (and moving in general) is often very stressful and leaves people overwhelmed and tired. When having too much to do, it’s natural to make mistakes, but in this case, relocation mistakes can cost you a lot. That’s why you should learn about the most effective ways to pack and how to avoid the most common packing mistakes. We have prepared a quick guide that will help you pack like a pro, even if this is the first relocation for you.

Packing late is one of the most common packing mistakes

Of course, there are times when last-minute packing is inevitable – a sudden job change, divorce, or a great new home/office opportunity. However, most of the times, there is enough time to pack properly. Even so, many people leave packing for the last few days and then have a lot of problems, stressful situations and unnecessary damage. The reason is that people are usually unaware of the number of items and moving boxes they have until they start packing. As a result, quick, yet inexperienced packing leads to losing or breaking some of your items, which can cost you a lot. That’s why proper planning and organization will be your best friend during relocation. Start weeks in advance by packing the items you rarely use and then make progress to the everyday items.

However, if you do need to move your home or office quickly, hire an experienced professional to help you out. Skilled movers are experts in relocating office supplies in no time and making sure the whole process is safe and fast.

Packing everything you have

As we mentioned, people are often unaware of all the items they have. That’s why they end up wasting a lot of time packing the items they don’t really need or use. That’s why, to avoid one of the most common packing mistakes, you should declutter your home or office before you start packing.  Say goodbye to all the items you no longer need and use, or the damaged and broken ones. This way, you can pack much faster, bringing the items you really need – and creating more space in your new home or office.

Not labeling the moving boxes

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and be organized during the move – labeling your moving boxes is a must. As you pack, be sure to write on the lids of boxes what’s inside. By doing this, you’ll find unpacking much easier and you’ll save a lot of time if you try finding an item in all the boxes after the move. Furthermore, the movers you hire will know where each box should go so they can place the boxes in the correct rooms.

Figure 1 Label your items and avoid the  most common packing mistake -losing your fragile items.

Hiring the first (or the cheapest) moving company you find

Trusting all your house items to a moving company is not that easy to do. That’s why selecting the first company that you see online is one of the most common packing mistakes. Hiring untrustworthy movers can lead to very serious problems, like frauds and losing your items. That’s why you should always take your time and do a background check on the company you want to hire, which is one of the ways to save money when moving.

The best way to do it is to browse companies from a reputable online database like so you know you are getting true information. Also, be sure to compare a couple of options before you decide and get estimates from at least three companies. This way, you’ll get the idea of the average pricing and not spend too much money on moving costs.

Forget the measurements

This is probably one of the most common packing mistakes people make. They often forget to compare the floor plans of the old and new home/office, so they end up having less space than before. Also, they often forget to take the measurements of doors and hallways, as well as the bulky items they need to move. This can be very problematic, as some items can’t be dismantled, or it can’t be done easily on the spot.

Doing a sloppy job when packing

Of course, we can always recommend that a professional moving company do the packing for you. However, if you feel that you can do it by yourself, avoid being sloppy when packing your items. If you don’t protect the furniture and pack the moving boxes safely, you risk damaging your items and raising the bar of your moving costs. That’s why you should take this job seriously and do it right.

  • First of all, be sure to get the right packing supplies – make sure that the boxes are sturdy and safe, and that you have enough of packing paper, tape, special boxes, etc.
  • Next, be sure to pack your boxes properly and protect each item – especially fragile ones.
  • Also, carefully protect your electronics – these items are particularly sensitive to weather conditions.

Figure 2 You should pack your items carefully and avoid damaging them during transport. 

Doing a too-perfect job

Yes, you need to be careful and organized when moving. However, you shouldn’t stress too much about it. If you make every little detail too important or you want to pack everything perfectly, you may end up wasting a lot of time. Don’t let the moving process make you stressed and nervous, but be realistic and use your time and money effectively.

Forgetting to take inventory

It’s very important to write down everything you pack in boxes and trust to a moving company or leave in storage space. Since it’s impossible to remember all the items you’ve packed, be sure to write down everything as you place the items in boxes. This way you’ll have proof in case something happens to your items.

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