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Start packing but only once you have all your needed packing and moving supplies. 

Preparing for your moving days is very important. When the day comes, you will be extra stressed regardless of how much you try to avoid it. However, the more you prepare for this day, the better your move will go. Hence, you will be less stressed. One of the main things you will need to do is pack. Before you start packing, you must purchase all the essential packing and moving supplies. Also, once you do, you need to know how to use them and what to use them for. Don’t worry, we will not let you forget anything. As a reminder here are all the items that your moving shopping list should contain.

Why you must purchase all the recommended packing and moving supplies?

Buying packing and moving supplies is a significant addition to the rest of your moving expenses. So, at some point, you might be tempted to skip buying some of them. This would be a big mistake. If your things aren’t packaged properly in the proper material, it is very likely that a lot of them will get damaged during transportation. Purchasing good quality moving supplies is a great investment. Thus, before professionals from Preferred Movers NH come knocking on your door, make sure you pack them wisely and in the proper supplies.

10 packing and moving supplies that every move shouldn’t go without

Make sure your shopping list contains all these useful moving supplies.

Wrap it in bubbles

You can purchase plastic bubbles in rolls and they can be of different sizes. They are easy to tear and certainly very easy to use. Make sure all of your small and large fragile items are packed in this super packing supply. For example, pack your dishes and little knickknacks in small bubbles. Also, pack your sculptures and other large breakable items in larger bubbles.

Once you are done with your relocation your kids will love popping the bubbles. On the other hand, you might not enjoy it as much as they will. 

Packing paper is a much better option than newspaper

This is also a great option for packing dishes and other items that need a layer of protection. Paper can be used for box layering and taking up excess space in already packed boxes. Another great thing about packing paper is that it is much cheaper then bubbles. You should always use paper instead of newspaper to pack dishes. Surely, you do not want dirty newspaper touching the glasses that you will later use to enjoy your favorite drinks.

Moving boxes are a must

Moving boxes might just be the most often used moving supply. Of course, you should purchase them in different sizes. A most common mistake that is made during packing is overloading the boxes. Consequently, they end up being too heavy and difficult to move. Always pack heavier items on the bottom and secure your things by making sure there is no extra space in the boxes.

Packing paper has an upgrade

Even more useful than packing paper is packing paper with paddings. Naturally, this is a great alternative for blankets. This supply is to be used for wrapping large and bulky pieces of furniture.

Your fine and expensive china must be carefully packed in bubble wrap or packing paper. 

Blankets for moving purposes

At times, there might be no need to buy blankets for your move because moving companies would have them already. While practical, it does sound a bit unsanitary. So, it isn’t a bad idea to purchase your own. You should know upfront that they are more expensive than other packing supplies.

Your plastic wraps should be stretchy

There might be no better way to contain moving pieces of furniture. For instance, wrap all the drawers, so they cannot move during furniture loading and reloading. In addition, it can be used as a layer of protection for furniture and other large valuables.

Sharpies will be your best friend

Once you have finished packing every box it is wise to label them properly. Make sure you write down what is in them and which rooms the things go in. Most importantly, in big bold letters mark boxes that contain fragile items. This way you or your movers can handle these boxes with care. So, make sure you have a large size Sharpie in your pocket at all times during your packing process.

Don't forget to mark your boxes. If you don't, it is a safe bet that something will get broken or mixed up.

Trash bags of different sizes

When planning your move, you cannot forget to buy trash bags. This packing and moving supplies are great for packing things that can be spilled. For example, you can pack food, cleaning supplies, bathroom cosmetics, etc. Another great use of large garbage bags is using them for light and bulky things, like your pillows and other bedding.

Ziploc bags

Just like trash bags, Ziploc bags are great for packing smaller items that can be spilled. Your face creams, makeup, shampoos, and many other items can be securely transported in these super useful bags. Certainly, there is always a possibility that they will burst or break during transportation. However, if nothing else, they will not damage other transported items.

Heavy-duty tape 

This is not ducktape. It is a very sticky and clear tape that you will use to secure your boxes and other things if needed. The worst thing you can do is buy the 99 cent kind and expect it will provide great support for your boxes. If you want it to do the trick, buy a tape of a higher quality.

In the end, packing, just like your entire move, is all about preparation. The more you prepare, the better off you will be on your moving day. Your stress level will be through the roof once you start relocating, so do everything that you can in advance to minimize it. This can be done by packing carefully and wisely in advance. In order to accomplish that, you must have all the needed packing and moving supplies. This is not the moment to pinch pennies. Moving supplies are one of the best investments for your move.

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