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Capabilities and Benefits of Shipment Tracking


Some people feel that shipment tracking is redundant. After all, if you hire a reputable shipping company to transport your items, why should you worry about where they are? Well, as it turns out, there are quite a few benefits of shipment tracking that you should be aware of. That way, you will know to prioritize companies that offer shipment tracking over the ones that are yet to catch up.

How well can you track shipments

But how capable are we of properly tracking our shipments? Surely you can call the shipping company and ask them where your items are. But, that won't do you much good, especially if you need to know the precise location of your item. Luckily, our shipment tracking capabilities go way beyond simply calling via phone and asking the shipping company representative. Once you get into it and see what shipping companies have to offer as tracking mechanisms, you'll be astounded at how fast you can get the necessary info (especially for local shipping), and how precise it can be.

Tracking the route and timing

With modern tracking technology, you can easily keep track of the vehicle that is transporting your item and its average speed. So, not only will you know where the transport vehicle is, but you will also know when it should arrive. If there is an issue along the way or an unforeseen setback, you can get live feed from the driver (or the person in charge) and adjust properly. This not only makes organizing your business or relocation easier, as you know what the setbacks are and how long they'll last, but it also makes efficient transporting much easier for shipping companies.


One thing that shipping companies struggle with is calculating shipping. They usually cannot simply load up your item and drive it from point A to point B. Often there are different schedules, chain shipments and different modes of transport that have to be taken into consideration. Not to mention the setbacks that can have a huge impact on the duration of transport. Therefore, shipping companies can have a hard time figuring out what is an efficient route to take.


Figuring out shipping costs can be quite difficult.

Alt: A person using the benefits of calculating the cost of shipment with a laptop and a calculator.

That is unless they have used shipment tracking technology for a while. By having shipment tracking, a company can estimate the duration of your transport and the necessary fuel. Along with that, they can factor in the usual setback and their average impact. Then they can easily compare it with similar shipment routes and give you a much more precise estimate than it would otherwise be possible.

Benefits of shipment tracking

Ok, so we can track the routes, the timing and we can calculate the average cost of shipping more easily. Does this really improve shipping experience for an every-day client? Well, as it turns out, being able to track shipments is not only a luxury but a necessity for many clients. A lot of companies and businesses could not function if it were not for shipment tracking.


Most international companies can only function due to the benefits of shipment tracking.

And, to give you a better idea, we'll go over some benefits of shipment tracking. That way you'll know why there are companies out there that couldn't survive without it.

Proper organization

One of the biggest benefits of shipment tracking is that it allows for proper organization. Companies and businesses that function based on regular international shipping need to be aware of where their shipments are at all times. Only then can they run their business in a reliable way and offer their products and/or services in a steady manner. Without shipment tracking, they would never be able to know for certain when their items will arrive. A couple of missed or delayed shipments can easily ruin a starting business, which is why shipment tracking is often a lifesaver.

Better preparation

Another benefit of shipment tracking is that it allows for better preparation. If you know where your items are headed, and where they usually go through, you'll be able to prepare them properly. Safely packing your items for long-distance moving is absolutely necessary. But, it can be hard to do if you don't know exactly where your items will go through.

Increased transparency

As we described before, shipment tracking allows shipping companies to give you a much better estimate for your transport. This will make it easy for you to prepare your budget by calculating expenses in advance and schedule your relocation so that everything runs efficiently. This increase in transparency also forces shipping companies to be much more honest and forthcoming about their services. So, we can safely say that, just with the help of shipment tracking, the international moving industry has become much more efficient and safe.

Eco-friendly transport

It is becoming more and more apparent that we need to incorporate eco-friendly habits into our daily lives. This not only goes for our cars and electricity, but it should also incorporates our jobs and companies. You should also use eco-friendly packing whenever possible and help reduce your carbon footprint. So, how does shipment tracking technology fit into this? Well, as it turns out, saying that you are eco-friendly has a nice ring to it. A lot of shipping companies will say that they offer eco-friendly services, just for the sake of marketing. In actuality, they do nothing in order to protect the environment. So, how are you to find out if your company has eco-friendly intentions in their shipping? Well, with shipment tracking of course.

In actuality, eco-friendly shipping companies are few and far apart.


By tracking your shipment you can deduce whether the company is using an eco-friendly way to ship your items. If you think that a different mode of transport or a different route can be much more eco-friendly, you should bring that up with the company. If they avoid the allegation or come up with non-sensical excuses, you'll know that you are dealing with a fraudulent company.


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