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Issue 15, November 08, 2019.

Reusing Shipping Supplies for Etsy or Ebay


Cost-effective tips for shipping products are key for your business and profit.

Nowadays, online business platforms are very much in. With eBay, Etsy and other websites that offer both buying and selling of products, more and more people are starting to participate. In addition, what many new sellers on these sites are wondering is whether it is okay to be reusing shipping supplies when sending out a package for delivery. The answer to that question is yes, as long as it is appropriate and fitting to do so.


When is Reusing Shipping Supplies Okay?


Although some individuals may disagree, reusing shipping supplies can be totally okay. When it comes down to it, it is a personal choice that could, in return, be a cost-effective, sustainable and time-saving option altogether. Moreover, when you are just starting out on Etsy or eBay, and trying to make a profit while selling, saving extra costs here and there does make a huge difference.

In order to even be able to sell products on either eBay or Etsy, you must first sign up and create your selling platform within the website. Although it is free to do so, there are small costs that add up. From the listing fee to the transaction and payment processing fee, the smallest percentage can have an effect. Resend your package, and you can minimize your costs in the long run.

Economical and Profitable Shipping Supplies

Reusing shipping supplies will save you time and money!

Remember the tissue, bubble wrapping materials or that box divider you received when you got your order from Amazon, Kijiji or eBay? If you can reuse that along with the box you received your order in, awesome! Then you have just discovered an effective and economical tip when selling. You may be reading this and think that this is a cheap way of doing business. However, we only condone to do so if the box or other shipping supplies are in good condition. If the box is still solid and does not have any branding on it, while it is also fitting for the size of the product you are shipping out, then why not reuse it!

Furthermore, it's essential to be creative, as well. For example, imagine you are sending out a product with an odd shape. You could go out, store to store, in search of a box that will fit your product, and you probably could find one - hours later. Therefore, in order to save yourself time and skip the unnecessary hassle, work with what you already have. With a new, printed shipping label and some tape, your package can be shipped along with your product, all while looking just as good as when you received the package.

Think Green!

Sustainability is becoming more popular nowadays. Turn your business green!

Sustainability has become an essential element for many businesses out there. More and more companies out there are striving for sustainability as there is a high demand for it. Recycling is of huge importance as it affects our planet and all our lives in general. Hence, reusing shipping supplies comes in handy. You are not only saving yourself time and extra costs; you are also doing something for the greater good. We mentioned being creative above, and this could not be truer. Think about it - it is super important to be resourceful and have ideas when selling.

I am sure you have once received an order, and the product you ordered was five times smaller than the box it came in. It may have come along with extra bubble wrapper or tissue. Don't throw that away! Keep it as is and reuse it on something you are sending out. Think outside of the box and reuse those shipping supplies on one product. Or even better, split it and only use what's necessary for multiple orders.

Other Ways of Reusing Shipping Supplies

Organizing your belongings in boxes maintains organization.

While you have the option to recycle, you can make use of these boxes and shipping supplies at home for packing. Perhaps you have a few older boxes from your own orders from eBay or Etsy. Reuse those if and when you are moving.

Moreover, you can pack and organize stuff for moving into various boxes to enable your movers to be more efficient with your move. When you move and it's time to unpack, you will be thanking yourself for being organized ahead of time.

Your unpacking process can then be well structured, timely and organized. And once your professional movers such as are done with their part of the moving process, you can reuse your shipping boxes to organize belongings and make the unpacking swifter.



As discussed previously, whenever you can reuse shipping supplies, you can go ahead and do so. As long as the shipping supplies are in good condition, and aren't damaged in any way, it is totally okay. When doing transactions online, and selling products, it is important to know the basic etiquette with customers and how to do business. Although you are the one selling a product, you are also there to ensure that the customer has a good shopping experience as well. That experience also greatly depends on the condition the package arrives in. Do not reuse your shipping supplies if they are damaged, because it may end up costing you a lot more. Ensuring the customer receives the purchased product successfully will build trust and credibility on your part. Therefore, while being cost-effective, think about your customers and deliver a happy and satisfying experience through your portal.

All in all, be considerate when providing a service. A happy customer will come back, and that same customer may share their experience, therefore expanding your reach for business. Reevaluate your shipping supplies and when you think it's okay to reuse them, do so with care.


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