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Issue 19

Top qualities of good shipping companies

You decided to relocate your home. You might ask yourself “am I going to find an honest moving company”? An answer to this question will come to you soon enough. But while searching for a moving company, you should aim for a few more qualities they possess. Movers can be honest, affordable, safe, knowledgeable, experienced, etc. You should count those as well when looking for a moving company that will take care of your move. Therefore, we assembled a simple list of top qualities of good shipping companies.

Movers should possess the license to operate.

To expand your knowledge of the top qualities of good shipping companies, we shall start with a legal part. Today, you can easily stumble upon a fraudulent and scamming moving company. To avoid such a thing, you must conduct thorough research. Do a background check of all the companies that are among your top choices. Go online and check their websites and read comments left by previous users. You must be sure that your movers have the license to operate. Additionally, it would be great if your movers are members of the International Moving Association. Also, your movers should have a contact number displayed, along with a physical address that you can visit. Give your movers a call and ask away. They should provide answers to any of your questions. Maybe even pay them a visit and set your mind at ease.

heck the ratings your moving company has. Be sure that your movers are honest ones.

You can search for moving assistance; and moving providers such as Purple Heart Moving Group may be the way to go.

Safety is among the top qualities of good shipping companies

We all aim for the highest levels of safety when relocating. Not only the safety of our cargo but the physical and mental state of ourselves. You want the best and safest service for you and your family. Therefore, ask your movers what safety measures they apply while moving. Do they have enough protective gear, tools, equipment, a proper moving vehicle? Also, will they assist in packing, what kind of packing materials they use, etc.? Should you assist on the move or you won’t have to do the heavy lifting and expose yourself. All those little things that might get misunderstood, and eventually expose you and your cargo to moving mishaps. One of the top qualities of good shipping companies is making their customers feel safe. You should rest assured that your move is organized properly and conducted safely.

Movers have all the tools, equipment, and manpower.

We usually have limited time to perform our relocations. And amidst all that chaos, we can forget things easily. What distinguishes a good company from a bad one is the level of information they obtain from you. For example, you forgot to tell your movers that you possess a pool table that they should transport. Obviously, they showed up without tools for it. Moreover, they arrived with a moving vehicle that is unable to transport the item in question. Therefore, do not forget to ask your movers if they possess all the tools and means to perform. Your movers should do the same, at least the good ones.

Your movers should possess a proper moving vehicle for the job!

 Both sides should think about the relocation equally and cover all aspects of it. This way your safe and successful relocation is in place. But even if you forget to ask, your movers shouldn’t. It is called customer dedication and a sign of a good business.

A free moving quote is one of the top qualities of good shipping companies

A good moving company should provide a free moving quote. Simply put, a moving representative will visit your home or business and evaluate the situation. This way movers obtain more knowledge about the move and more importantly the complexity of it. They will know how many hours you’ll spend on your relocation. Also, the distance they’ll drive, transport, and ship items along with all the additional services you might need. Most importantly, they will calculate everything and provide you the moving costs. Additionally, along the way movers will provide valuable tips and tricks on how to avoid certain situations.

They will point out where you should invest more and what you should skip. For example, if you need a certain service, or how to avoid common packing mistakes. Or even to point out a place where you can recycle, donate, or obtain packing materials. A free on-site estimate is a powerful tool to realize the moving costs. It will help you calculate everything better and save a lot of money. But it will help your movers as well. They need to know the distance they will travel, the weight of your cargo. Also, most of the companies charge by the hour, and this kind of evaluation will help them calculate the costs as well. Be sure to ask for this wonderful free service and utilize it wisely.

Movers should offer the storing possibilities

Downsizing and decluttering process is something you cant avoid while moving. There is always something you should throw away or gift to a friend. You do not want to realize this once you already paid for the relocation of items you will soon throw out. Sure, you can easily throw away or recycle packing materials, boxes, crates, and wooden pallets. But what with all the clothing and broken/old furniture? If you are not sure if you want to part from it yet, consider renting a storage unit.

You’ll be amazed by all the storing, shipping, and crating services available to you!

You can rent a long-term or a short-term unit, along with all the upsides that come with it. You can find high-security, indoor, outdoor, and mostly utilized a climate-controlled storage unit. Be sure to contact reliable providers of quality storage all over the USA. Consider this option and rent only from the best.

Moving services available.

There are many moving services so be sure to ask your movers what they offer. If you do not know how to pack fragile items, we have packing services for you. If you have more items than anticipated, the storage solution is on the way. You are tired of the whole process, there are teams that will relocate and unpack everything with utmost care.

We will highlight packing, unpacking, and storing as the most utilized ones. But there are many other special services for you, for example, if you want to move a piano, or a fish tank, or any other valuable piece. Perhaps you have old antique furniture or extremely expensive equipment. There is always a solution. Movers are here to provide, just do not forget to ask. Also, ask for the terms of conditions and the pricing. Some services need a bit more explanation and guidance.

These were the top qualities of good shipping companies. We are sure that you’ll find many more when you start looking and actually enlist one. Be sure to communicate with your movers and seize the opportunity to know them a bit better before you agree to anything. Hopefully, you’ll find a match straight away. Good luck with your search and best of luck with your moving endeavor!

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