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Eco-friendly packing tips will help us think about our planet even when relocating

Who has time to think about eco-friendly packing, right? Wrong! Everyone should give their best to make a contribution to our planet, even if it's something as small as packing boxes. We should invest our time into saving the only place we have, the Earth! There are plenty of eco-friendly packing tips one can use, you only have to do research and apply everything you find out.

I went ahead and did research on my own, and I decided to share my findings with you. We have to work together towards this noble goal, so I suggest that you share these eco-friendly packing tips with your friends and family. Let's begin!

How to find an eco-friendly shipping company?

When moving, one of the challenges is to find an affordable shipping company. But the cost shouldn't be your only concern. They must have a wide range of services and qualified personnel. However, we must look beyond our needs, and think about our planet. Is the company you decided on an eco-friendly company?

Eco-friendly sticker

Some companies will have an eco-friendly green sticker. Usually, this is the first sign you should look for. However, not all companies have this sticker, but they may be eco-friendly. That's why you should always ask the personnel, so you are sure.

Eco-friendly moving company

The same rules apply to finding an eco-friendly moving company. One of the things they should be able to provide is eco-friendly packing material. For example, I had a pleasant experience with, and I always recommend them.

Another sign of an eco-friendly moving company are electric cars. They don't pollute the air and don't use gasoline. However, a moving company can help you only to an extent. There are plenty of DIY eco-friendly packing tips you can use.

Electric cars are excellent for eco-friendly relocation


Eco-friendly packing tips

Let's find out what  some of the best eco-friendly packing tips you can use every time you travel or relocate are:

  • reusable snack bags
  • Tupperware instead of plastic bags
  • rechargeable batteries
  • water filters

Reusable snack bags

Sandwiches are an inseparable part of every relocation. They make our lives so much better! Bacon sandwiches, grilled cheese, ham or chicken, the varieties are endless! Nevertheless, we should stop for a moment to think about how we are packing sandwiches for the road.

Using aluminum foil or clear cellophane is the most common way we pack sandwiches. However, there are many cases where you don't have a trash can to dispose of the packing materials once the sandwich is eaten. Some people are responsible enough to keep the foil until they find a trash can, but most of them throw it on the ground. Not nice!

One of the solutions is to use reusable snack bags, like ziplock bags. They are excellent for storing sandwiches, but also have many other uses. This way, once you are done, you can neatly fold and store them, and wash the bags afterward. 

Use Tupperware

How many times have you used a plastic bag for your toiletries? This is an excellent way to make sure your stuff is protected if your toothpaste or shampoo bursts during relocation. The content will not be spilled outside of the bag, and you can just toss it away afterwards.

Carelessly throwing away plastic bottles is counterproductive. We should all learn how to properly dispose of plastic waste

However, wouldn't it be more clever and eco-friendly to use Tupperware instead? This way your toiletries will be protected even better, and there is nothing to toss after the relocation. This is especially convenient if you are using shipping services. No need to worry, since your items will be protected in the best possible way.

Rechargeable batteries

I understand that rechargeable batteries don't have much to do with packing, but you should definitely use them. Batteries can turn toxic after usage, and we don't have a proper container to dispose of them. In conclusion, if we use rechargeable batteries, there is nothing to throw away. 

Furthermore, you won't have to buy new batteries so often. Thus, you will save money. Sure, they all have an expiration date after which it is clever to replace them. Nevertheless, they last a lot longer than regular batteries. If you are wondering where to use them, travel alarm clocks, flashlights, cameras, or children’s toys are just some of the examples. What you should know is that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has useful information about how to properly dispose of batteries or extend the battery life.

Use water filters

If you relocate to a new country, the first thing you should think of is what is the quality of the tap water? I am used to drinking tap water, but the structure of water is not the same in every country. That's why I should advise against drinking tap water after relocation before you check if it's safe to do it.

Tap water is not always good for drinking. We should all use filters instead of purchasing bottled water.

You can always purchase bottled water, but again, there is the question of throwing the packaging away. Also, you will spend a lot of money on it. One of the best eco-friendly tips is to use filters and purifiers. You can install them on your faucet, and safely drink the water.

The conclusion

There you have it! A few simple, but very useful eco-friendly packing tips to abide by. If you follow these steps, the entire process will be much easier, and you will save a lot of money while taking care of our planet. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you are used to it, it will not be a problem to think in an eco-friendly manner! We should all save the Earth together!

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