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How to reuse packing supplies? 


After you embark on relocating into a new house or apartment, one thing is certain; you’ll need a lot of packing supplies. In fact, when people move, they tend to buy more of these than they actually need thinking it’s better to be safe than sorry. But once you’re done with the move, you’ll have a lot of empty boxes and other supplies to deal with. Plus, you may have some extra materials which you haven’t used at all. So, the question is - what do you do with them? If you ask us, learning how to reuse packing materials is your best bet. And we’ve got a couple of tips right here!

What are you dealing with?

So, let’s take a look at what you’re dealing with here. Once you start to plan your move, there’s obviously quite a lot to think about. It doesn’t matter if you need some office moving assistance, or you’re moving your home; there will be plenty of tasks to complete. And among these, packing may possibly be the most monumental one, at least physically. Plus, after everything is said and done, quite a lot of packing supplies will probably remain. So, what should you do with these? Are there ways to easily reuse packing supplies? There are definitely a few options for you in this regard - all you need to do is choose the right one.

Consider your options


First of all, you can keep them for the eventuality of your next move. You might have another relocation coming up in the foreseeable future, so you should consider this. Or, you can try to sell them as second-hand moving equipment. There are bound to be people who need these but can’t afford new ones. And speaking of good deeds, if you’re not cash-strapped, you can just give them away to someone who desperately needs to reduce their relocation costs. Naturally, if you want to go in another direction and environmental concerns are a big thing for you, there’s always the option of recycling all packing materials, or at least most of them. So - what will you choose?

If you care about the environment, you could always recycle the supplies! 

Keeping them for the next relocation

As we’ve mentioned above - your first option is to keep all of the moving supplies that remain for a new relocation. That’s just one of the many ways to reuse packing supplies. Sooner or later, you may consider what Brooklyn professionals offer different moving services once more. After all, if you’ve moved once, you may move again sometime in the near future. And even if you don’t, if you’ve got the room, you can just keep the packing supplies indefinitely, until the occasion comes up.

What to keep?

But now that you’ve decided to reuse packing supplies from your previous relocation by saving them for the next one, the question is - do you keep all of it? If you ask us, it depends on the state of the supplies. There’s no real need to keep shabby and ripped cardboard boxes; those are only good for throwing away or recycling. Such damaged packaging supplies are really no good for anybody. But with that in mind, what should you keep?Flattened out cardboard sheets can be used for all kinds of stuff! 


Obviously, if you have some of the boxes that have survived the relocation intact, you can flatten them out and store them in a clean and dry place. That way, if you need to move again at some point in the future, you can just pull those out of storage without buying new ones. Besides, relocation isn’t the only thing these boxes can be good for. There are plenty of home DIY projects in which having a lot of cardboard around will prove to be handy. For example, if you’re painting a room, having some cardboard floor protection can be pretty useful. In that situation, you can just utilize the flattened boxes. Or, if you’ve got any younger kids, these boxes can actually be incredibly fun to play with. Just let them have a field day with the boxes, and you’ll be surprised as to what they’ll come up with. From puppet theaters to cardboard castles, hours of fun await!

Selling the supplies

On the other hand, you may decide that you don’t need these materials at all. So, what else can you do besides keeping them? As we’ve already mentioned, you can reuse packing supplies by selling them. Especially if your moving boxes have remained in good condition after the move, you can actually put quite a dent in your moving expenses by reselling the supplies. And that goes double if you have a few custom moving boxes in your assortment of packing supplies. These can fetch a pretty good price, as people need them for very specific items, and sometimes they’re hard to find. But how do you actually go about selling these?

If your boxes are damaged, you’ll have a great difficulty selling them. 

Finding customers

First and foremost, you should contact someone you know to be moving home in the near future, or someone who might know someone. After all, word of mouth remains a powerful tool, even in the 21st century. Of course, apart from that - there is always the Internet. These days, you should also think about using all of the options that the digital age gives you. Trust us, things that you can’t sell online are pretty rare. And that’s one of the best ways to reuse packing supplies; post an ad online on Craigslist, or other similar websites.

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